Mind Reading psycho -TFIUPDATES

Mind Reading psycho -TFIUPDATES
Mind Reading psycho -TFIUPDATES

Ajay, Ranga and Akshata are in the lead roles. Nandam Srivastava is directing the film ‘Special’MOVIE NAME. The trailer was released in Hyderabad. “A criminal uses a type of injection to hurt many people.
I acted in the role of a police officer who knew what would happen around the injection.

This is a special film in my career, “said Ajay. “What did a psycho who became a Mind Reader? Did the police catch him? The elements of this film are interesting. Ranga in the role of Mind Reader. The character appears in the key role. Cinematography is good for the audience, “said Nandam. The film is directed by V.V. Music is provided by the music. B. Amarakumar Photographer.


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